Protecting your car’s paintwork is where Gtechniq’s core knowledge lies. Based on nano surface science, Gtechniq Platinum gives your car a ceramic shield, helping to maintain its high-gloss showroom finish for longer.



Platinum Crystal Coat forms an
ultra-durable, high-gloss,
slick-to-touch, chemically bonding,
inorganic layer of 9h optically clear
ceramic. This ceramic protection
actively reduces the number of
swirls in your car’s paintwork,
retaining its candy-like gloss, and
as good as new looks, for longer. 

The coating has been scientifically
formulated to bond to the surface
of your car’s paintwork. The
chemical bond makes the coating
the active surface of the car,
shielding it from UV, dirt, acid
rain and detergent. 

Its highly dense layer is resistant to
chemicals from pH2 – pH12. This
makes contaminants such as tree
sap, tar and hard water spots
easier to remove.